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We would love to share our customer’s testimonials in their words with you.  Unfortunately, it is not easy due to the rights of words & language not allowed by none other than the pharmaceutical companies and medical Doctors.   CBD companies are not allowed to make medical claims or share medical testimonials on their product.   What companies can do, is refer you to google.  There are tens of thousands of testimonials and 3rd party information on CBD oil and its amazing benefits.   *Be aware, up to 70% of CBD oil companies out on the market tested have been found to be mislabeled having much less CBD than what’s listed on the label, misleading Hemp Oil as CBD or have found traces of melatonin without being listed on the label using it as a smokescreen for the lack of actual CBD content in the product, giving the end consumer a false sense of taking CBD.

We ensure our customers that our CBD products are pure, clean, and use the highest manufacturing practices in the industry as well as provide a complete full panel of 6-page 3rd party lab tests for peace of mind.   We go way beyond the standard cannabinoid profile…We test for heavy metals among many others.



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