Robert Quiñonez Founder & CEO

Our Approach

Making an impact on others by sharing this miracle plant and making a real difference, one bottle at a time.

CBD Nature Wellness is based in Austin, TX.  We offer an easy to order online experience through our affiliate product’s website or via direct by calling us @ 512-900-5859, we would love to hear from you.  Local Austin, TX customers in our service area have available same-day delivery to home or office as well as nationwide shipping. 

CBD Nature Wellness product line was developed for the Medical community in mind.  Reserved locally and nationwide exclusively for Medical affiliated offices, Clinics, Pharmacies, and Veterinarians.

CBD Natures Wellness is your personal CBD consultant, sharing our passion and providing you a personal experience.  Our outlook is to change lives, educate, and share with the world.

CBD Nature Wellness started as a registered wholesaler and affiliate with a few CBD Oil companies late 2015.  Although there are some great companies and manufactures out in the market place, we have chosen carefully after much research and trial to only carry and market only the very best in quality, highest manufacturing practices, and affordability for our customers, regardless of ROI or commissions.  We market and offer one company besides our very own, as it has proven from the beginning to cover every quality guideline possible available for our valued customers.   Integrity before profits.
Please note, we are not a vape shop, we do not carry vape or smoke products.   Our passion is in the health and wellness benefits and takes pride in our products and in the impact we are making.
As the owner, I want to share that I have been in the CBD industry as a customer and investor since 2014.  I began in business with CBD in late 2015, and got very involved in early 2017 shortly after my dad’s Stroke on February 14th which caused damage to his brain and quickly caused him to experience emotional seizures.  He was hospitalized for a month and had to take therapy to speak and walk again, to this day he still limps.  What I have witnessed in his recovery was my “why” and my passion to share and really help others.   I have witnessed lives completely changed, and because of my lifelong passion for health and wellness, I can’t be happier and blessed to have the opportunity to share this product with the world.

Robert Quiñonez