Robert Quiñonez Founder & CEO

Our Approach

Making an impact powered by passion, value, and integrity in the CBD industry.

CBD Natures Wellness is your personal CBD consultant, sharing our passion and providing you a personal experience.  Our outlook is to change lives, educate, and share with the world what nature has given us.

CBD Nature Wellness was founded in Austin, TX.  CBD Nature Wellness products were developed with the Medical community in mind.  We started as a B to B business, offering exclusive CBD products reserved for Med Spa’s, Clinics, and Veterinarns to be offered as a dietary supplement.

As the founder, I want to share that I have been in the CBD industry as a customer, supporter and invested in this industry since 2014.  I began in business with CBD in late 2015 and grew very serious and passionate in early 2017 shortly after my dad’s Stroke on February,14th.  The Stroke damaged a part of his brain that deals with emotions and caused him to experience emotional seizures, “uncontrollable crying” whenever an emotion was triggered.

He was hospitalized for a month and had to take therapy for months to speak and walk again, to this day he still limps.  What I have witnessed in his recovery, was my “why” and my passion to really take this to a whole other level and truly offer this to others while determined to have the very highest quality CBD oil available on the market.

I have witnessed lives completely changed, and because of my lifelong passion for health and wellness, I cannot be happier and blessed to have the opportunity to share my product with you.

Robert Quiñonez